FR Referrals

​​​​Vision Loss Rehabilitation Ontario relies on you to refer your patients to us at the appropriate time in their experience of vision loss. 

​In most cases, referrals are recommended as soon as a patient has lost enough vision to interfere with their confidence and ability to complete everyday tasks, regardless of whether a course of treatment has been completed. It is also at your discretion to refer a patient to us earlier in the vision loss process if you believe it will be helpful. 

Referrals can be made using our online form​​. By using this form, you are helping connect your patient to our services quickly, and providing our certified specialists with all the information they need to create a personalized rehabilitation plan for your patient. 

After a patient is referr​ed

Once you refer a patient to us, our certified specialists will reach out to them directly within 10 business days. We will work with them to assess their needs and goals, and develop a personalized rehabilitation plan. 

This plan may include a range of services, depending on the patient’s individual needs and goals. Services may be delivered over a series of appointments in your patient's home or community, their workplace, over the phone, online or at one of our 24 Vision Loss Rehabilitation Ontario ​centres.​

Vision Loss Rehabilitation Ontario will follow up to update you on what rehabilitation services your patient is receiving.