Eye van health and safety

Protecting patients and staff from COVID-19

The health and safety of patients and team members remains our top priority for the 2022 Eye Van tour. This year, health and safety procedures in the Eye Van will exceed the recommended guidelines of the Ministry of Health, providing a safe environment for the delivery of health care. All Eye Van staff are required to wear medical grade-masks and personal protective equipment during appointments with patients.

Before their scheduled appointments, patients will receive a confirmation call during which they’ll be asked to verbally complete a COVID-19 Patient Screening Assessment.

When they arrive for their appointments, a staff member will meet patients at the door to the Eye Van or at a designated meeting location. Patients will then be asked to complete hand hygiene, and will be provided with a medical-grade mask if they don’t already have one. Patients must wear this mask throughout the duration of the visit.

If the patient is accompanied by a support person, that individual must also complete hand hygiene and wear a mask before boarding the Eye Van. If the patient requires the support person to be involved in the assessment, they will be permitted to remain within the assessment area. Otherwise, they will be asked to move to a location that meets physical distancing requirements.