Programs and Services

How we can help you achieve your goals

Our certified specialists provide a range of services that help individuals with vision loss lead more independent, active lives.

Older and younger woman sit at table in front of brailler

Client navigation

Our client navigators guide clients through services with our organization and other health care and community services that can help them.
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Primary Services

Our Primary Services are the first line of support for our clients. Focusing on functional needs, they target primary, short-term independence goals like using residual vision for daily tasks, reading medication, pouring liquids, and navigating indoors.
Older man and younger woman walk down sidewalk, man using white cane

Specialized Services

Our Specialized Services are all about achieving big independence goals. Whether someone wants to learn to be fully independent at home, to navigate the world with skill and confidence, or to be an assistive tech whiz, our Specialized Services are here to help them.
Younger woman helps older woman use magnifier in grocery store to read product

Concentrated Programs

Working with provincial governments and other key partners, we're proud to provide a range of Concentrated Programs that are designed to fill gaps in care for some communities across Canada – as well as reduce the overall burden on Canada's health care system.
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Crisis Response and Rehabilitation

When someone first experiences vision loss – especially if it happens suddenly – their personal safety can be jeopardized. Basic tasks like preparing meals, climbing stairs, or taking medication can suddenly feel dangerous.