Primary Services

Building essential skills and independence

Our Primary Services are the first line of support for our clients. Focusing on functional needs, they target primary, short-term independence goals like using residual vision for daily tasks, reading medication, pouring liquids, and navigating indoors.

How it works

After an individual is referred to us for support, they're matched with a client navigator. The client navigator reaches out to the individual and conducts an intake assessment, learning more about their vision loss, their needs, and their personal goals.

Together, they create a rehabilitation plan, which starts with Primary Services to work on independence goals that can be achieved in a relatively short amount of time (around three months, depending on the individual) and are fundamental to the individual's safety and independence.

Primary Services provided to help clients achieve short-term goals may include:  

  • Selecting appropriate low vision aids (e.g., magnifiers) and assistive technology (e.g., JAWS computer screen reader), and teaching individuals how to use these devices for everyday tasks such as reading and managing their medications
  • Teaching safe methods of preparing meals and using household appliances; as well as techniques for organization/identifying items around the home
  • Teaching basic travel skills including navigating indoor environments and preventing falls

Primary Services are delivered through a blended approach of in-person sessions with our specialists, as well as virtual sessions wherein the client and the specialist talk over the phone, or through an online platform like Zoom. Generally, these services conclude after around 10 sessions or three months, depending on the individual.

After their Primary Services are complete, the client may choose to move into Specialized Services to achieve goals that are longer-term or more specialized in nature.