About the Eye Van

Delivering eye health services to Northern Ontario since 1972 

Established as part of the Prevention of Blindness program in partnership with the Eye Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, the VLRC Eye Van is a fully equipped, medical mobile eye care clinic that travels more than 6,000 kilometres annually to provide service in Northern Ontario. 

Since its inaugural summer tour in 1972, the Eye Van has logged 300,000 kilometres of travel. Along the way, it has enabled thousands of people in remote regions of Northern Ontario to improve their eye health, identify eye disease early, and prevent vision loss.

How it works

Each year, the VLRC Eye Van goes on tour for several months to provide eye exams and treatment to people living in Northern Ontario, who might otherwise find accessing eye health care to be a challenge.

Day to day, ophthalmologists conduct vision exams, treat eye conditions, perform minor surgeries, and offer much-needed medical advice and information about eye health. With a commitment from more than 25 ophthalmologists who generously donate their time, the Eye Van serves 4,500 patients each year.

Select this link for details about the 2024 Eye Van tour schedule.