Our Mission

Accessible care for every Canadian who needs it

The mission of Vision Loss Rehabilitation Canada is to provide high-quality, integrated and accessible rehabilitation and health care services that enable Canadians impacted by vision loss to live the lives they choose.


To maximize health and independence for Canadians impacted by vision loss.

Strategic goals

Enhance the client care experience: A diagnosis of uncorrectable vision loss is a turning point. People require the right information and a clear pathway to the services and supports they need to adapt and thrive. Vision Loss Rehabilitation Canada will work with our clients, their families, and allies in the health care and community service sectors to improve the overall care experience, making the process more person-centred, seamless, and compassionate.

Improve client and population health outcomes: Vision loss is just one part of a person’s overall health, wellness and lived experience. Taking a holistic view of the physical and mental health needs of Canadians with vision loss, we’ll collaborate to drive better individual outcomes, create healthier communities, and provide equitable access to rehabilitation services from coast to coast.

Improve financial sustainability and value: Canadians with vision loss deserve the highest quality of care, provided by a leading-edge organization. Vision Loss Rehabilitation Canada will continue to develop our resources and offer innovative, efficient health care solutions that add value for our clients and partners.

Promote a culture of performance excellence: High-quality care starts with an engaged workforce of highly skilled, passionate health care professionals. We’ll build a culture in which our team is supported and empowered to excel in service delivery, reinforcing our position as a national and international leader in vision loss rehabilitation.

You can learn more about these goals by reading our strategic plan, Aim Higher.