Crisis Response and Rehabilitation

Urgent support when it's needed most   

When someone first experiences vision loss – especially if it happens suddenly – their personal safety can be jeopardized. Basic daily tasks like preparing meals, climbing stairs, or taking medication can suddenly be dangerous.

Our Crisis Response and Rehabilitation services deliver urgent, in person care to people who are in crisis for one of the following reasons:  

  • The individual has experienced sudden and significant vision loss within the last two weeks 
  • The individual is currently being discharged from the hospital
  • The individual is at high risk of hospital admission or re-admission

For these individuals, our specialists fast-track the intake process and initiate crisis services within five days of their referral to us. The goal of these services is to remove any immediate threats to the individual's personal safety. Depending on the individual, that may mean learning how to:

  • Prepare hot drinks or meals without burning oneself or risk of fire
  • Navigate the home without falling or sustaining other injuries     
  • Take medications correctly, without risk to the individual's health

Once the client's personal safety is no longer in question, he or she may be ready to move on to Primary Services  to help them build greater independence and mobility.

Remember: If you or someone you know is in an emergency situation that requires urgent medical attention or other first responders, call 911 immediately.