Vision loss and eye health

Your beginners’ guide to eye health and the vision loss community

Looking for information and resources about vision loss and eye health? Here you’ll learn all about vision loss, blindness, eye safety, and common eye diseases that can cause a loss of vision.

Close-up of a child’s eye

Eye conditions and diseases

Learn about the most common eye diseases, conditions, and causes of vision loss in Canada.
Eye doctor giving patient an eye exam

Your eye care team

Find out the differences between optometrists, ophthalmologists, and opticians.
Man who is blind using smartphone

What is blindness?

Learn about the spectrum of blindness, and myths and facts about vision loss.
Worker wearing safety gear while using a saw

Eye Safety

Find tips on how to prevent and respond to eye injuries both inside and outside the home.
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Eye health tips

Access simple strategies to help prevent vision loss and eye diseases before they start.