Client navigation

Guiding clients through their rehabilitation journeys 

Our client navigators guide clients not only through their services with our organization, but other health care and community services that can help them.

These highly trained specialists coordinate and integrate post-vision loss rehabilitation services for the person living with vision loss, and serve as the individual's key contact throughout their journey with our organization.

The client navigator strives to ensure that every person referred to our organization for service receives timely and high-quality supports where they need it, as well as connection to other social or health care services that may benefit them.

How it works

After an individual is referred to us for support, they're matched with a client navigator. The client navigator reaches out to the individual and conducts an intake assessment, learning more about their vision loss, their needs, and their personal goals. Together, they create a rehabilitation plan, and the client navigator then connects the person with the services they need to achieve their goals – whether it's orientation and mobility training, early childhood intervention, or any number of other services we offer.

Throughout their journey with Vision Loss Rehabilitation Canada, the client can reach out to their client navigator at any time to initiate new services, learn new skills, or get support with accessing other health care or social services outside of our organization.