Concentrated Programs

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Working with provincial governments and other key partners, we're proud to provide a range of Concentrated Programs that are designed to fill gaps in care for some communities across Canada – as well as reduce the overall burden on Canada's health care system.

Eye Van

Picture of the Eye Van in a parking lot surrounded by trees
The Medical Mobile Care Unit, known as the Eye Van, is a fully equipped, medical mobile eye-care clinic on wheels that travels more than 6,000 kilometres annually to provide service in Northern Ontario. Day to day, ophthalmologists conduct vision exams, treat eye conditions, perform minor surgeries, and offer much-needed medical advice and information about eye health. With a commitment from more than 25 ophthalmologists, the Eye Van serves 4,500 patients each year.

National Board

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Vision Loss Rehabilitation Canada's National Board of Directors is comprised of industry leaders in a variety of fields across Canada's diverse geography including health care and education, dedicated to supporting the new VLR brand launched by CNIB in 2017 to help Canadians better understand and access these essential health care services.